Thursday, May 17, 2012

Surmmary of Homs events 16/05/2012 - 1

#Homs , #Syria - Latest events on the ground of besieged Homs up till now - 16/5/2012

Most of Homs's districts have been subjected to some very heavy shelling and gunfire. Also, explosions were echoing at night in the districts of Al Khaldeye, Old Homs, and Al Hamdeyye. There were calls from minarets of mosques in Bab Draib district for people to donate blood, type B+>

-Kal'et El Hosen: The castle is being subjected to some extremely heavy bombardment since the early morning. Regime's forces are using mortars and anti-aircrafts; the bombardment mainly is concentrated on Al Turkman and Al Saraya districts. Source of the bombardment is from Qumairi junction.
Smoke was spotted billowing over the district of Bab Turkman located near the castle. Also, gunfire was heard in Al Mazra'a village located close to Al Waer district.

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