Thursday, May 17, 2012


Al Qa3Q3  and other batallions in Deir Ezzor joins the SMC
fsa_hq_syria 16 5 Al Qouriyah Deir Ez Zor أوغاريت القورية دير الزور , بيان لواء القعقاع: via @youtube

حركة الضباط الاحرار : حوران : بيان صادر عن المجلس العسكري في درعا : سم الله الرحمن الرحيم لما كانت قوات الجيش...
This is a statement from FSA for the release of a girl who has been arrested to put pressure on her brother 
to surrender. If she is not released they will resume their attack against all Assad's goons 

Free Syrian Army fights on with 'shotguns, sticks and knives' - video

Patrick Wells meets members of the Free Syrian Army, hiding out in the hills of northern Idlib province. They take him inside a cave that serves as one of their secret bases in their ongoing battle against the government army, despite Kofi Annan's peace plan that came into effect on 10 April

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