Monday, June 11, 2012

Demonstration in Mashmashan Village, #Idlib

Ola Hamdan died by the Regime’s Gun Fire

The Martyr Ola Hamdan who Died by the Regime’s Gun Fire

Demonstration in Mashmashan Village, #Idlib

Demonstration in Mashmashan Village, #Idlib


Aleppo University: The regime's army has arrested three students near the university dormitories after a student demonstration at Syriatel headquarters

Dozens were injured in the shelling of #Homs’ neighborhoods by #Syrian security forces -Al-Jazeera

#FSA in #DeirEzzor captured a load of weapons, ammo, and shields from Ashara Checkpnt . 

#FSA burning main-battle tank

#Syria #Aleppo #FSA burning main-battle tank in suburb city of #Hretan  

What Was the Syrian Army Hiding from the U.N.?

U.N. monitors finally made it into Mazraat al-Qubeir after they were shot at while making their first attempt, and evidence left behind indicates the Syrian army played a heavy role in the massacre there.

The U.N.'s team of monitors couldn't interview anyone because the town of about 150 was completely empty. When the monitors first tried to access the town, they were shot at and stopped by the Syrian army and weren't allowed to enter. Once inside, the evidence left behind from the attack is damning, and indicates the Syrian army was heavily involved in the attack:

Latest Developments:

Latest Developments:
Daraa/Inkhel: the city came under fierce machinegun and artillery shelling, and clashes are taking place in the city.
Maarat al-Numan: random shelling has been renewed on the city, and more than 20 people were wounded. Residential houses were damaged.
Daraa/Jassem: the regime’s army burned the crops, particularly wheat.
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Raped women in Syria

According to a doctor in #Syria, many women who have been raped are pregnant and/or have tested HIV-positive

Videos : Explosions in Al-Ashara

Explosions in Al-Ashara, Deir Ezzor
Wounded from Shelling in Al-Ashara, Deir Ezzor