Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Videos' Hama | Complete Daily Report | Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - Part 2

|| Videos ||
¤ Hama City :
Daheyat al-Nasr neighborhood:
The neighborhood being stormed with armored vehicles and BMP tanks belonging to the regime army

Industrial Area :
The city is virtually lifeless as the regime carries out a barbaric attack on the area

Ibn al-Rushd Road :
A general strike condemning the massacres in al-Houle and Hama

Tareeq Halab :
Security forces, shabiha (regime thugs) and armored vehicles carrying out raids

al-Jub :
Security forces and regime thugs rob shops belonging to residents in the area

al-Qusour :
Security forces and shabiha (regime thugs) at the Computer Institute

Panorama: Daily Revolutionary Movement in the Hama Province 28/05/2012

¤ Hama Countryside :
al-Latamne :
Assad regime "reforms" showing up in the gas crisis in al-Latamne

Qal'aat al-Madeeq :
A protest in the city today

Salamieh :
A protest being fired upon by regime forces in the presence of UN observers

Ma'arazaf :
The house of the brother of Major Maher al-Noami was destroyed by regime forces

The dispersion of security forces :

|| Protests ||
¤ Hama City :
al-Bayyad neighborhood :

al-Faraya :
An evening protest with the people of al-Faraya and al-Barazeya

al-Ta'awuneya :
An evening protest today

Tareeq Halab :
A protest in Tareeq Halab al-Qadeem today

al-Karama :
The people held a massive protest larger than any protest before from al-Sheikh Saeed al-Jabi Mosque after 'Isha prayer. They chanted for freedom and the downfall of the regime and they held up revolutionary flags. People of all sects and ages participated and pledged their allegiance

¤ Hama Countryside :
al-Latamne :

Kernaz :

Salamieh :

Khattab :

al-Touba :
A protest this morning with the people of al-Touba and Shahshabo Mountain in solidarity with Hama and al-Houleh

Breidej :
An amazing protest this evening celebrating the fact that Syrian ambassadors were kicked out of many countries

A message from Sheikh Mahmoud al-Hamed "The Erosion of the Regime"
رسالة الشيخ محمود الحامد بعنوان ( تهاوي أركان النظام )

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