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Hama Revolutionists Command Council | Complete Daily Report | Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Syrian Revolution General Commission | Hama Revolutionists Command Council | Complete Daily Report | Tuesday, May 29, 2012

|| Statistics ||
Number of arrests : 8
Number of people killed : 7
Number of protests : 17
Number of protests that were fired upon : 3
Instances of gunfire : 8
Number of places that were shelled : 2
Number of times heavy military machines were sighted : 4
Number of defections : 0

|| Martyrs ||
• Child Khaled Kamal 'Arje al-Ameen / age 15 / Hama: Tareeq Halab / shot and killed by a regime sniper
• Hamza Abduljabar 'Arje al-Ameen / age 20 / Hama: Tareeq Halab / shot and killed by a regime sniper
• Ghiyath Hussain Mhaimed al-Dabees / age 26 / Hama: al-Hawarne / shot and killed by a regime sniper in al-Andalus neighborhood / he was married and a father of 5
• Child Mahmoud Adnan al-'Awair / age 14 / Hama / shot and killed by a sniper on the Workers Union Building
• Abdulrahman Abdo al-Mar'e / Hama: al-Twainy / age 36 / killed by Assad army gunfire
• Mulham Hasan Dahoul / Hama: Soran / he was killed as he tried to defect from the regime
• Faisal Khaled al-Ahmed / age 18 / Hama: Tareeq Halab / shot and killed by security forces in front of al-Badr Hospital

|| Field Conditions in Hama and its Suburbs ||
¤ Hama City :
Regime army forces and the security forces surrounded Tareeq Halab and carried out arrests and raids near al-Sahaba Mosque and al-Bahra Roundabout. At the same time, there were sounds of heavy machine gunfire in the area. A tank and several regime forces were positioned across from the fire station, and shabiha (regime thugs) were stationed between the Civil Defense checkpoint and the Naser Alwani School checkpoint.
The regime army and security forces also surrounded al-Arb'een neighborhood with military convoys including tanks and armored vehicles. They were at the industrial school in al-Fayhaa neighborhood. Many families fled the neighborhood as the regime army made calls that they would carry out a massacre if the neighborhood wasn't evacuated. Many people fled al-Arb'een because of the shelling and executions that have been taking place. An armored vehicle and security forces vehicles were seen moving around al-Qusour neighborhood.
Security forces of the National Security checkpoint blockaded al-Furuseya road which leads to al-Mashaa', and carried out raids and arrests behind Hijazi Road in al-Qusour neighborhood.
In the evening, the revolutionists held their daily evening protests in several neighborhoods. Gunfire coming from military checkpoints was heard in some areas as well.

¤ Hama Countryside :
• Security forces raided Ma'arzaf town, where they ruined and burned several houses, including the house of the brother of defected Major Maher al-Noami.
• There was a massive protest in Salamieh in the presence of UN observers. Security forces used gunfire to break apart the protest, despite the presence of the UN.
• Regime army and security forces surrounded Jibreen neighborhood and set up military checkpoints around it, preventing people from entering or leaving the neighborhood.
• A farmer was wounded by regime force gunfire as he was returning from his fields in Bab al-Taqa village. He is 65 years old.
• Security forces between Aqrab and al-Houleh opened gunfire on a group of young men who were delivering bread to al-Houleh, which resulted in several people being injured.
• Security forces burned the houses of residents on the edged of al-Twainy village amid intense gunfire.

Salamieh :
Dirt barriers were erected by security forces and regime thugs at the western entrance to Salamieh on al-Arsad al-Jaweye Road - al-Muzayre'a - al-Maylaha - al-Maqbara

Kafrzita :
In the evening, regime forces stormed the city with tanks amid heavy gunfire and sounds of large explosions as a state of panic arose among residents.

|| Detained ||
Hama City :
Yaser al-Noaimi and several other truck drivers, He lives in al-Qusour
Ma'arazaf :
1- Abdulrahman al-Jasem who is under 17 years of age
2- Abdulrazaq al-Jasem

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