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Syrian Network for Human Rights Report Monday, 14 May, 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights Report
Monday, 14 May, 2012

Casualties and Wounded:

Homs | Talbeesah

A young man with critical bullet injury to the knee
Homs| Arrastan
This child in addition to losing her both parents, she lost part of her brain due to the brutal bombardment on the city. The girl is fighting for her life while there is absence of the special medical staff and equipment to treat her
And those children were playing in front of their homes when shells hailed on them, they are crowded in a makeshift hospital with lack of treatment instruments

Assaults and Human Rights Violations:

Homs | Al-Qusour

One of the mortar shell which fell and didn’t explode yet
Idleb | Jabal Azzaweyeh
Residents struggle to get the potable gas tanks for cooking use

Damascus \ Barzah
Security forces cars spread around the city
Homs | Jourat Asheyah
A sniper is stationed in this area hunting cars and people forcing cars to drive with high speed while passing this corner; one car was targeted and damaged
Aleppo | Aleppo University
The Security forces is attacking the students
Targeting the students with teargas bombs
Detaining some young men
The UN monitors discovered some hidden tank at Asibahi roundabout
Dar’aa | Al-Herak
Shilka Cannon shelling the city from a roof top as the regime’s forces occupy the city
Bombardment and Destruction:

Dier Ezzor | Al-Qureyah
The shells showers the city and the homes are burning

Homs | Arastan
The smoke of intense shells and rackets fogs the city
Damascus Suburbs | Hammoreyyah
Shelling on Hammoreyyah
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