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Summary of the Day, Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dar’aa province, Summary of the Day, Tuesday, May 15, 2012
By: The Union of Horan Coordination Committees*
Media Section

Two casualties were reported in the Dar’aa province on Tuesday.
Ground Situation:
The town of Bosra Al-Harir has entered its fourth month under siege. For 91 days regime forces have occupied the town, preventing food, water, medicine, medical help, electricity and telecommunications from the residents. Regime forces continue to shell homes, shoot residents, and loot and burn homes and private property.
At least 23 violations to the Annan plan were reported in Dar’aa on Tuesday, thirty two days after its enactment.
More than 15 demonstration points were also reported.
The towns of Al-Harrak, Da’el and Al-Lajah were shelled by regime forces, coupled with heavy gunfire on residential homes.
Two young men were kidnapped in the village of Al-Mujaimar, as well as several young men in the town of Bosra Ash-Shaam.
Assad forces are still holding on to dozens of bodies of Dar’aa residents and refusing to hand them over to their families. There is a severe shortage in food and fuel, and an ongoing suffocating siege of all towns in Dar’aa, including disconnection of utilities and telecommunications.
Video Highlights:
• The casualty Ayman Al-Bakkar in the town of Da’el:
• The mother of Ayman Al-Bakkar, killed by regime forces, praying that Bashar meets his end:
• Regime forces fire at a civilian vehicle in the town of ‘Atman:
• The destruction of a home shelled in the town of Al-Harrak:
• Destruction of homes after an invasion by regime forces in the town of Al-Lajah:
• Gunfire and explosions at the hands of regime forces in the town of Da’el:
• Defection of Sergeant Ihab Mustafa in the town of Jumla:
Casualties: 2 | Arrests: 6 | Demonstrations: 15 | Number of demonstrations shot at: 1 | Gunfire: 5 | Shelling Instances: 3 | Eyewitness accounts of tanks: 3 | Defections: 50 | Violations of Annan Plan: 23
*Note: For more videos please follow the links posted at the top of the report . More information can be found at the following link: The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The translation herein is summarized in order to avoid repetition and overabundance of details in terms of neighborhood and street names.

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