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Summary of the Day, Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dar’aa province, Summary of the Day, Wednesday, May 16, 2012
By: The Union of Horan Coordination Committees*
Media Section
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Four martyrs were reported at the hands of regime forces on Wednesday.
Ground Situation:
For 92 days – more than 3 months – the residents of Bosr Al-Harir have been subject to extreme conditions at the hands of regime forces. Water, food, medicine and doctors, telecommunications and electricity have been cut off from regime forces the entire time.
Shelling by regime forces was reported in the Dar’aa refugee camp, Inkhel, Ghabagheb, Ma’arba, and Mleiha Al-Atash.
The Annan plan, which was enacted about a month ago, is constantly violaged by the regime, and at least 17 violations were reported on Wednesday.
Dozens of bodies are being held by regime forces, electricity and telecommunications are constantly disconnected, and no medicine or medical care are available to residents across the province.
Seventeen demonstration points were reported on Wednesday.

Video Highlights:
• Casualty Ja’far Mur’ee Al-Hariri, killed in Mleiha Al’Atash:
• The funeral procession of the refugee camp casualties in Dar’aa:
• Regime forces shoot and injure this man in Ma’arba:
• Regime forces shell a refugee camp in Dar’aa, killing residents:
• Regime forces shell residential homes in Inkhil:
• Regime forces at a checkpoint at the entrance of Khirbet Ghazala:
• UN Monitors in Al-Harrak in the company of the Free Syrian Army for protection:

Casualties: 4 | Arrests: 9 | Demonstrations: 17 | Number of demonstrations shot at: 0 | Gunfire: 6 | Shelling Instances: 4 | Eyewitness accounts of tanks: 4 | Defections: 0 | Violations of Annan Plan: 17
Google Map © of Dar’aa province events of the day:

*Note: For more videos please follow the links posted at the top of the report . More information can be found at the following link: The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The translation herein is summarized in order to avoid repetition and overabundance of details in terms of neighborhood and street names.

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