Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hama - Saturday , May 19, 2012-Part1

Syrian Revolution General Commission | Hama Revolutionists Command Council | Complete Daily Report | Saturday , May 19, 2012

|| Martyrs ||
• Defected soldier Shadi al-Wasi / Ma'arzaf / he was killed as regime forces shelled areas the Free Syrian Army is located
• Wael Mahmoud al-Badawi / al-Mhaisen / he was arrested the last time Halfaya was stormed and his dead body was returned today
• Mustafa Mohammad Qadour / age 22 / Mu'an / killed by a sniper shot to the head as he drove through the Mu'an checkpoint on his motorcycle

Martyr from yesterday :
Defected soldier Shadi Abdulkareem al-Salloum / Tal Hawash / he was killed yesterday and regime forces took his body
This is a picture of the martyr

|| Vides ||
Hama :
al-Hader :
Warplanes flying over the city
Tanks and military machines in the presence of UN observers
vehicles storming the neighborhood :
wounded by the arbitrary shelling by armored vehicles of Mashaa' al-Arb'een
gunfire after UN observers left Mashaa' al-Arb'een
gunfire from armored vehicles as Mashaa' al-Arb'een was stormed by regime forces
in al-Arb'een after the UN observers left
machines, regime soldiers and snipers in al-Arb'een
observers accompanies by security forces
forces in Mashaa' al-Arb'een targeted civilians with nail bombs

 Kawkab :
Regime thugs burned farmlands to harm and scare the people
There is currently a gas crisis in the city:
protest in Salamieh on the Friday of the Heroes of Aleppo University
A house that was burned by the Assad regime army

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