Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hama English News - Part 3

¤ Hama Countryside :
Kawkab :
There was movement of military personnel and tanks in the town today, as tanks were positioned 500 meters north of the village today, ready to execute threats made by regime forces to destroy the village after the residents protested in front of UN observers on May 23 and complained to them about the actions of regime forces, including the burning of fields, the destruction of houses and the bakery, and the cutting of power from the village. There has been no electricity for the last 10 days. The people of Kawkab must go to Soran to spread the news of what is going on, and most people have fled the village due to continuous threats from regime forces.
Afterwards, regime forces opened arbitrary gunfire and shelled with tanks, destroying two houses.

M'ardess :
Tanks and cars filled with regime thugs entered the town today and surrounded the mosque to prevent an anti-regime protest from emerging.

al-Mustareeha :
Assad thugs carried out raids and arrests in the village in Shahshabo Mountain and burned more than 10 houses. Until this very moment, families continue to flee the village out of fear of an attack by regime forces.

Kafranbooda :
After a massive protest today, Kafranbooda was subject to violent shelling by regime tanks and heavy artillery. Assad forces also opened random gunfire with heavy gunfire from all checkpoints, which led to the death of two people and the injury of more than 20 others. Many of those injured are in critical condition and are on the verge of death.

Tayebt al-Imam :
3 members of the regime army in al-Kafr area between Tayebt al-Imam and Helfaya came to al-Wabeeda Road and stole an agricultural vehicle belonging to resident Khaled al-Noona, who was working in his fields with his family members.

Helfaya :
Assad forces arrested 24-year-old Yahya al-Ghadban at the Mharde checkpoint

al-Sermaneya :
Large explosions that rocked the neighborhood were heard today, as warplanes flew in the sky overhead.

Ali Kasoon Village :
Regime thugs were widely dispersed throughout the village and the area surrounding it in an attempt to intimidate the residents. There are about 250 thugs in the area, and they were all armed by the Air Force Intelligence base. They erected a checkpoint and blocked the roads leading to the village to frighten everyone passing by.

Soran :
After Friday prayer today, there was a massive protest calling for the downfall of the regime, supporting the Free Syrian Army, and condemning the massacre that took place on May 20, 2012. The protestors affirmed that the revolution will continue until freedom and dignity are attained. The regime's crimes against the Syrian people only increase their determination to continue.
After the protest was concluded, there were reports that many regime military forces with 5 tanks and many troops, security forces and regime thugs were east of Souran near al-A'alaf Center on Kawkab Road. Regime forces surrounding the city from all sides, cutting it off from the rest of the countryside. In the south, there was a checkpoint on Abu Mares Road. In the east, there was a checkpoint at al-A'alaf Center on Kawkab Road. IN the north, there was a checkpoint at al-Lahaya. In the east, there was a checkpoint with regime thugs from Alawite villages Mu'an, Maryoud and al-Mbattan.
In the west is a checkpoint between Soran and Tayebt al-Imam. Regime forces at this checkpoint sniped at any person walking past. All these checkpoints are permanent. Some families fled the city out of fear of bombardment. Regime forces stormed Kawkab, which is an extension of Soran, and burned houses and personal belongings there.

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