Monday, June 11, 2012


The number of civilian martyrs in Syria on Sunday 10/6/2012, documented with name and reason of death by the SOHR, is 32.

- Homs province, 20 civilians killed: 8 were killed in the neighbourhoods of Khaldiya and Jourat al-Shayyah in Homs . 6 were killed during the bombardment and clashes in al-Qusayr and its neighbouring villages. 4 dead in Talbisa by bombardment and clashes by the town's entrance. One civilian was killed in Rastan, the facts surrounding his death are still unknown. One rebel fighter was killed during clashes in Reef Homs.

- Reef Dimashq, 6 civilians were killed:

A lawyer (Initials A.A) was kidnapped from his house in Harasta by unknown gunmen after midnight Saturday-Sunday; he was found dead in the morning, shot in both the head and the mouth, his hand was also cut off. All of this despite the fact that he was physically disabled, he earlier lost one of his legs while fighting with the Palestinian resistance, he used a prosthetic leg.

A civilian was shot in the town of Deir Al-Asafir during a military campaign in search of wanted individuals by the Syrian regime. Two children and an adult were martyred in Qatana by random shots during regime operations, based on activists in that area. A citizen died as a result of being wounded earlier on friday in the city of Harasta.

- Idlib province 3 killed. An elderly man was martyred when Syrian troops stormed Kafrouma. 2 civilians were killed by the regime's bombardment of Ma'arat al-Nu'man.

- Aleppo province, 5 civilians killed:A civilian from the town of Hayan was killed, the circumstances are still unknown. 4 were gunned down by fighter helicopters in the towns of Hayan,Mara' and A'dnan, Reef Aleppo.

- 2 rebel fighters were killed during clashes in al-Heffa and the village of Marij, Reef Latakia.

- In Dara'a 6 were killed. 3 civilians were martyred during military operations on A'tman, Reef Dara'a. A civilian died of wounds suffered earlier in the town of al-Na'eema. One man was shot dead by a sniper in the town of Sheikh Miskeen.


Two defected soldiers were killed in the city of al-Qusayr, Homs province. Another defected soldier died in Tal Ref'at. a defected first sergeant was killed in Sarmin, Idlib.

A minimum of 16 Syrian soldiers were killed today during clashes in the provinces of Dera'a, Homs, Northern Reef of Halab, Reef Latakia, an attack on a military bus in Reef Deir Izzor, and the targeting of a military unit in Homs province.

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