Friday, May 18, 2012

Syrian Network for Human Rights Report Thursday, 17 May, 2012

Casualties and Wounded:

Damascus Suburbs | Douma

A shocking and horrific massacre took place in Douma today as the Regime’s forces shelled a residential home with mortar shells which resulted in killing of five members of one family, amongst them are two children and some body parts were scattered.
Graphic Videos:
Assaults and Human Rights Violations:

Hama | Al-Arba’een

An important clip showing the a member of the army transferring ammunition from a military car and placing it in a storage room; when this member saw the person capturing the sense he fired at him
Hama | Qastoon
The struggle of the residents in the town due to the shelling and the loss of the basic tools of life
Aleppo | Aleppo University
The Security forces are assaulting the students beating them in the presence of the United Nation Monitors while the students were protesting
Some students were wounded due to the brutal attack
Hama | Assawa’eq Neighbourhood
Residents crowded to buy gas tank to use for cooking
Homs | Al-Qusair
The regime forces launched an attack on Adumneyyah village burning its farms and the crops, while the residents are trying to put off the fire
Idleb | Khan Shaikhoun
A clip showing how the residents were trying to save one of the United Nation monitors from the security forces fire pulling him and saving him while the residents lost at least 38 victims who were killed in this massacre on 15 May, 2012
Damascus Suburbs | Wadi Barada
The struggle of one of the displaced family who were forced to leave Homs due to the brutal and barbaric attack on the city by the security forces
Bombardment and Destruction:

Dar’aa | Al-Herak

Shelling Al-Umary Mosque in Al-Herak city for the second time; one of the walls became rubbles. This mosque was used a shelter for the wounded were they got treated
Dar’aa | Al-Mahattah
The sound of intense gunfire and bombardment is rocking the city
This shopping strip used to be crowded with people and now it is devoid except for the destruction and rubbles
Bombing ancient archeological homes in the old city of Homs
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