Saturday, May 26, 2012

#SRGC breaking statement regarding Al Houleh #Homs massacr

#SRGC breaking statement regarding Al Houleh #Homs massacre:

In the name of God, most gracious most merciful

In response to the massacres committed in Al Houleh and in mourning for the lives lost.
A message to the entire world.
A message to the free Syrian people.

Al Houleh is being bombarded from missile launchers positioned in the Military College in Homs. Al Houleh is under bombardment from heavy artillery positioned in the pro-regime suburbs. The regime military forces and shabeeha [thugs] have entered Al Houleh and committed massacres of entire families, again using execution as a method of torture.

There are more than 100 martyrs with over 50 of them being women and children whose hands had been tied prior to execution. The injuries have exceeded 300, most are critical.

We are calling upon the UN Security Council, international human rights groups and the UN observers to take all necessary steps, immediately, to help protect the remaining citizens in Al Houleh from being complete annihilation.

*We call on the UN observers to make their way to Al Houleh, immediately, to put a stop to the crimes being committed against these civilians.

*We call on the Free Syrian Army in neighboring parts to Al Houleh to immediately make their way to help protect and defend the people of Al Houleh from complete annihilation.

*We call on all protesters of Syria: Please go into mourning out of respect for the martyrs of Al Houleh. Please place a black band around your heads as a symbol of mourning and as a stand against such crimes being committed by the regime.

*We call on all protesters of Syria to hold posters with the numbers of martyrs in Al Houleh, especially the number of women and children executed.


The Syrian Revolution General Commission
The Revolutionary Council.

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