Tuesday, May 15, 2012

round up news from Khan Shaykhun

#SRGC #Syria #Idlib: Khan Shaykhoon Massacre: As the UN observer mission arrived to the area, the families were attending the funeral of a martyr who fell as the Tamani'at Alghaab village was stormed by regime forces. The families made their way towards the military checkpoints, and as they got closer, the checkpoint opened live fire directly onto the mourners and the UN observers. The regime used bullets and fire from heavy weapons and suspected shells. This led to dozens falling, some as injuries and some as dead. The UN observer car was hit directly and damaged. The hospitals now are full of injured and dead with a great lack in medications and medical needs to treat such large numbers. There are still some martyrs and injuries lying on the ground near the checkpoint as no one is allowed near them to help, with regime forces at the checkpoint continuing to open fire.

- The UN observer mission is targeted 15/05/2012

- Injuries due to barbaric shelling during the presence of UN observers 15/05/2012

- Massacre and martyrs, during presence of UN observers 15/05/2012

- Massacre injuries during presence of UN observers

- Idlib: The martyr Abdullah Hendawi killed during the barbaric shelling on the city during presence of UN observers 15/05/2012

- Some of the injuries during presence of UN observers 15/05/2012

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