Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Midday Developments Report:#Syria

Daraa: Huge military reinforcements of the regime’s army entered the city of Daraa from Kherbat Ghazala autostrad. Reinforcements included Zil cars, joint patrols, and security buses.
Daraa/Heit: large numbers of the regime’s army raided the village this morning by large numbers of tanks. They burned down personal properties and terrorised the residents amid intensive gunfire cover. They searched all houses and snipers were positioned at high roofs.
Homs and Rural Homs:
Homs: the regime’s army renews the shelling on the districts of the old city and Al-Hamedya. It targeted Um Al-Zinnar Church and the Christian cemetery in Bistan Al-Diwan.
Homs: the neighbourhoods (of the old city of Homs) of Al-Safsafa, Al-Hamedya, Bab Dreeb, Bab Tadmur, Bistan Al-Diwan and Al-Warshah came under fierce shelling from the early hours of this morning. The shelling destroyed more than 15 houses, residents are in a state of panic and there are military reinforcements at Al-Farabi checkpoint.
The sources of this shelling are the neighbourhoods of Al-Zahraa, Wadi Al-Dahab, The Military Faculty (a military barrack) in addition to the shelling from the wood area of Al-Wa’ar.
Homs/Baba Sbaa: military reinforcements 30-05-2012.
Homs/Baba Sbaa: the regime’s tank shells the houses 30-05-2012.
Homs/Baba Sbaa: the utter destruction of a house 29-05-2012
Damascus and Rural Damascus:
Rural Damascus: the regime’s army launched a raid and search on the city of Kafr Batna and its agricultural lands.
Rural Damascus/Duma: the fierce shelling by Syrian regime’s army went on since yesterday evening up to now. More than 5 victims fell to this shelling in addition to a large number of wounded people.
The Victims:
- Hisham Al-Nisreen Abu Ali
- Mahmoud Al-Sheikh Thaher
- Ratib Abdu Al-Muhabani
- Natheer Mahmoud Al-Muhabani
- Abdou Ghazal Abu Khalil
Irbeen city: the regime’s army and security buses entered the city and they were deployed in the west part of the city. Then they launched search and raid operations in the surroundings of Al-Rajaa hospital and the Seventh School.
Idleb and Rural Idleb:
Idleb- Jabal Az-Zaweya: the Syrian regime’s army is fiercely shelling the villages of Al-Maghara, Farkaya, Deir Sonbol. No confirmed information on the damages yet.
Hama and Rural Hama:
Kafr Zeita: Two victims Radwan Arafat and Khalid Ali Al-Faraj 30-05-2012.
Al-Qusour/Autostrad Al-Sinaa: 30-05-2012 Regime’s security forces and Shabeehas, pro-regime militias, hiding in between the trees facing the central prison.
Basim Al-Khalaf was killed. He is the commanding officer Jabal Azzaweya battalion, The Free Army.

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