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Hama Revolutionists Command Council | Complete Daily Report | Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Syrian Revolution General Commission | Hama Revolutionists Command Council | Complete Daily Report | Wednesday, May 16, 2012

|| Statistics ||
Number of arrests : 10
Number of people killed : 3
Number of protests : 15
Number of protests that were fired upon : 4
Instances of gunfire : 24
Number of places that were shelled : 12
Number of times heavy military machines were sited : 5
Number of defections : 0

|| Martyrs ||
• Zakariya Abdulhameed al-Sagheer / Hama: Souran / killed by gunfire from a regime checkpoint when he was on his bike
• Ibrahim Saleh al-Ahmed / age 65 / Hama: al-Arb'een / shot by a sniper
• Mohammad Hekmat Hadeed / age 23 / Hama: M'aardas / he went missing last night and his body was found today in Tayebt al-Imam

|| Field Conditions in Hama and its Suburbs ||
¤ Hama City :
This morning, regime forces raided and arrested people in the industrial area in Hama. There was concentrated security presence in most neighborhoods amid heavy gunfire. In Tareeq Halab, regime forces at Naseh Elwani school opened heavy gunfire, heavy gunfire from Harash Roundabout near Shuhadaa Mosque (Martyrs Mosque) in al-Sabouneya, gunfire from regime forces at the Medical Compound and al-Awqaf Checkpoint in al-Hader and al-Manakh, heavy gunfire on protestors who came out from al-Rahma Mosque in al-Qusour, sounds of explosions in Gharb al-Mashtal and Mashaa' al-Arb'een, and loud explosions near Bilal Roundabout this evening that rocked the entire area.

Regime thugs shelled the neighborhood and opened heavy gunfire. Several explosions were heard in the neighborhood as well.

Regime thugs shelled the neighborhood with heavy artillery which led to several people being injured, including a child and a woman who are in critical condition. One house was burned entirely as a result of shelling.
One house that was shelled:

Security forces prevented residents, empolyees and students from going to the city center. Even trucks carrying vegetables were blocked from entering.

¤ Hama Countryside:
al-Latamne :
Regime thugs stormed the city from the south amid heavy gunfire

Kafarwatan :
A large group of security forces raided the disaster-stricken city amid heavy gunfire intended to scare the residents. They then stormed al-Hukama Private School. They took the furniture out of the school and broke the doors. They also arrested a farmer from his fields in the village. His name is Mohammad al-Hamdo. There are still four Toyota SUVs armed with machine guns on the main road between Kafarwatan and Soubein.

Tayebt al-Umam:
Regime forces stormed the city, raided some houses and arrested some people.

Aqrab :
Ahmed Raheel Ez al-Deen, age 27, was arrested this morning as he was going to install a catheter. He was arrested by regime forces at the checkpoint at the western entrance near the railroad tracks in Hama.

Bab al-Taqa:
Regime forces at the Bab al-Taqa checkpoint opened heavy gunfire towards the neighborhood this evening.

Qal'aat al-Madeeq:
This evening, regime forces at checkpoints in Qal'aat al-Madeeq violently shelled the villages of al-Hwaija and al-Hwaiz

A body that was identified in al-Mashbata neighborhood in Tayebt al-Imam was identified as the body of Mohammad Hekmat Hadeed, a 23-year-old man from Ma'ardas. People lost contact with him at 11 p.m. last night, and eyewitnesses said that his body was tossed out of a car belonging to regime forces in al-Mashbata.

Morek :
This evening, regime forces opened intermittent gunfire from heavy machine guns from the checkpoints between Morek and Kafrzeita

Halfaya :
This evening, regime forces at all the checkpoint in the city, especially the hospital checkpoint, opened arbitrary gunfire at civilian homes.

Sheizer :
This evening, regime thugs violently shelled the town with heavy machine guns.

|| Videos ||
¤ Hama City:
al-Arb'een Roundabout Checkpoint
Regime soldiers and security forces in the city looted a shop

Villat Roundabout:
Military machinery belonging to regime forces near the roundabout

Qal'aat al-Hama
Security forces barriers near the castle

al-Jub Roundabout:
al-Jub Roundabout checkpoint in Hama

Junoob al-Mal'aab:
Funeral procession for Ibrahim Saleh al-Ahmed and airplanes flying over the city

Someone who was killed and found in al-Marabet today

Someone from Hama crossed out the name of the illegitimate president from a sign at the Pharmaceutical Association during the workday

¤ Hama Countryside:
Kafrzeita :
A general strike mourning the martyrs of Khan Shaykhoon and in support of disaster-stricken cities

al-Latamne :
Three cars that the Free Syrian Army was able to take when the regime army tried to enter the city from the southern entrance

Qastoun :
A young man was wounded by regime gunfire from a checkpoint in Tal Waset. He was a shepherd
Snipers and regime thugs atop the water storage facility in the town

Qabr Fedda:
The people fled the city to escape the regime army and thugs. They used life vests to escape from al-Assi river

|| Protests ||
¤ Hama City:
A protest

Bab Qibli:
An amazing evening protest
Abu Malek al-Hamwi sings a song about seeking martyrdom

al-Sheikh Anbar:
An evening protest

An evening protest despite the siege of the neighborhood by regime forces

An evening protest from Abu Obaida ibn al-Jarrah Mosque

¤ Hama Countryside:
Kafranbooda :
A massive protest in support of Khan Shaykhoon

Kafrzeita :
A massive protest after the afternoon prayers in support of Khan Shaykhoon and other besieged cities
An evening protest

al-Latamne :
A massive protest in al-Latamne in support of Khan Shaykhoon
A children's protest in support of Khan Shaykhoon

Salamieh :
An evening protest
An evening protest on motorcycles

Karnaz :
An evening protest in Karnaz in support of Khan Shaykhoon

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