Friday, May 18, 2012

Hama -Complete Daily Report | Thursday, May 17, 2012 -Part2

Syrian Revolution General Commission | Hama Revolutionists Command Council | Complete Daily Report | Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hama Countryside :

Martyr Mohammad Hekmat Hadeed:

Shahshabo Mountain :
The people of Shashabo Mountain put together a campaign to collect donations for the people of al-Taman'a

Qastoun :
The impact of the humanitarian crisis in Qastoun caused by the suffocating siege on the villages of al-Ghab Plain, especially Qastoun, imposed by regime forces

Souran :
Gas crisis in Souran

al-Ghab Plain :
The formation of the Youth of al-Ghab Union in the southern part of al-Ghab Plain

|| Field Conditions in Hama and its Suburbs ||

• Many warplanes flew over the city the morning. Security forces also blockaded roads in al-Andalus neighborhood, preventing people from moving around
• There was machine gunfire from heavy machine guns in these neighborhoods:
Tareeq Halab - The Central Prison in al-Qusour - al-Sawa'eq - Kazo
A child was injured in the foot in Tareeq Halab
• Warplanes also flew over Khattab. There were several protest in the Hama countryside, including in Tayebt al-Imam and Salamieh. al-Sheir and Soubein were subject to raids, arrest, and the looting of homes and shops by regime forces.
• There was heavy gunfire in:
Tayebt al-Imam: heard from the south with heavy artillery
Bab al-Taqa: Shilka tanks shelled the city
Kafranbooda: There was arbitrary gunfire with heavy artillery and BMP tanks also shelled the city, injuring several people including a woman

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