Friday, May 18, 2012

D.P.N | Deir Ezzor Summary of Events | May 17, 2012:

Two martyrs from Deir Ezzor passed away today:
1- Activist Ibrahim Al-Haj'r - from Ash'hail Village - due to his wounds which he got few days ago upon raiding his father's house in Mayadin City by Assad forces and shooting him three times.

2- Nurse Hussein Al-Hassoun - from Mayadin City - under torture by the regime forces because he used to treat wounded activists in Dara'a.

Deir Ezzor City:
-Early in the morning, Assad army began heavy shelling at Ai'yash Village by the artillery stationed at Assa'eqa Campus.
-Later on, the security forces backed by armored vehicles broke into Al-Joura Neighborhood. Shelling using heavy armament took place mainly in Al-Wadi and As-Sijin -the prison - streets. This resulted in several injuries among unarmed people of Al-Joura.
-The international observers presented at the military hospital to involve in the funeral procession of some killed personnel belong to the regime forces.
-Regime forces bombed house of Activist Qaissar Hindawi.
-Military helicopters have been seen flying at a low altitude over Deir Ezzor City.

Heavy fire have been heard also in Al-Jbieleh, At-Takaya Street and State Security Headquarter area.

In the evening, security forces have attacked protesters in Al-Urthi Neighborhood.

Ai'yash Village, Effects of shelling

Bombing House of Activist Qaissar Hindawi by the regime forces

Heavy Fire, Deir Ezzor City

International Observers accompanied by security forces, Freedom Square, Deir Ezzor city

The Countryside:
Al-Quria Town:
Regime forces fired heavy shells at protesters during an evening protest resulting in several injuries. The daily campaign of raids and arrests continues in the town.

Abu Kamal City:
Security forces and Shabiha deployed heavily in the city and set up many supported checkpoints every where through the city.

The city:
Faculty of Petrochemical Engineering, Morning Protest

Faculty of Agriculture, Morning Protest

Funeral of Martyr Adnan Shuja'a

Funeral of Martyr Hammoud Atallah

Hamidiya Neighborhood, Evening Protest

Al-Haweeqa Neighborhood, Evening Protest

Al-Joura Neighborhood despite the siege

The Countryside:
Mayadin City, Evening Protest

Al-B'ghailiyeh Village, Evening Protest

Al-Shmaitiyeh Village, Evening Protest (with participation of women)

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