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Dar’aa province, Summary of the Day, Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dar’aa province, Summary of the Day, Saturday, May 19, 2012
By: The Union of Horan Coordination Committees*
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- A 7 year old girl was killed by a sniper on Saturday in Da’el.
-At least 14 violations by regime forces against the Annan plan were reported on Saturday. Massive demonstrations mobilized, most in solidarity with detained activist Muhammad Abdelmawla al-Hariri.
- The regime’s militias invaded the town of As-Sanamen, and violent explosions, shelling, and gunfire were directed at civilian homes.
- Regime forces monitored the International Highway in Dar’aa on Saturday, patrolling in unprecedented numbers.
- Regime forces violently shelled the towns of Taffas and al-Harak and opened heavy fire in the towns of Inkhel and Al-Maleha Al-Gharbiyeh. Meanwhile, there was an explosion in Dar’aa and an invasion of the industrial area.
- Regime forces continue to hold dozens of bodies, refusing to turn them over to families for burial.
- The humanitarian situation is dire, with a severe shortage in fuel, water, food, and medicine. Regime forces continue to disconnect electricity and telecommunications across the province for most hours of the day.

Video highlights
Dael | Young girl Terkiya Abdelhaleem Al-Jamous, killed today by Assad forces
of soldier Youssef Hasan Al-Riba'i in Al-Ghariyah Al-Gharbiyah
| Children of the town
| Graffiti man company
| Torture signs on the body of a young man who had been detained by Assad militias
| Shelling the city
| Shelling the city
Al-Gharbiyeh | Opening fire in the town
| Opening fire in the town
Al-Yarmouk battalion

1 | Arrests: 1 | Demonstrations: 10 | Number of demonstrations shot at: 10 | Gunfire: 6 | Shelling Instances: 3 | Eyewitness accounts of tanks: 4 | Defections: 8 | Violations of Annan Plan: 12
Note: For more videos please follow the links posted at the top of the report . More information can be found at the following link: The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The translation herein is summarized in order to avoid repetition and overabundance of details in terms of neighborhood and street names.

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