Thursday, May 17, 2012

Damascus Suburb / Daily Report Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Revolutionary Command Council in Damascus Suburb / Daily Report
Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Casualties and Wounded:
Eleven casualties have been reported so far in Damascus Suburb on Wednesday. At least one victim and dozens of injuries were reported in Daraeyyah alone. Another victim in Qatana fell as a result of the regime vicious assault missions. Also, security forces shot today Yasser Bayoon, a mentally ill patient, at a security checkpoint while he was on his way to visit his family then they kidnapped him. In Zamalka a wounded citizen continues to suffer for three month so far as he underwent several surgeries, his wounds resulted in partial disability and psychological shock. In adition, dozens of injuries were reported in Damascus Suburb due to the random shelling and gunfire.

Victim in Qatana:
Assaults and Human Rights Violations:
The regime forces launched vicious detention and assaults campaigns in several cities of Damascus Suburb such Douma, Erbeen, Qatana, Harasta, Moademiyet Al-Sham, Hamorieh, and Al-Tel, in results, dozens of men were detained and at least one woman was detained as well in Hamureyyah. Heavy presence of security forces and military personnel was seen in most cities of Damascus Suburb, as it is the case in Qatana where there were reports on detainees being tortured at the military police building during the night and their screams for help was heared in the area. In addition, the regime forces establish multiple security checkpoints and regularly inspected pedestrians and vehicles humiliating and insulting the citizens. Many cities such Douma, Daryya , Saqba, Zamleka and Rankoos continue to live under siege for several months in row.

Assault Missions in Douma:
Assault missions in Dareyyah:
Gunfire in Dareyyah:
Snipers in Qatana:

Bombardment and Destruction:
Explosions were heard in many areas across the suburbs in addition to shelling, random fire and snipers gunshots took place. Smoke was seen frequently as results of continuous shelling on the cities and war air jets attacks on some areas.
Destruction in Hamureyyah:

Humanitarian Conditions:
Most cities spend extended hours during the day without power. In addition to the disconnection of all forms of communications such as cell phones and Internet. Many areas suffer, as well, the lack of food and basic needs.

A demonstration in Douma:
A demonstration in Harasta:
A demonstration in Hamureyyah:

The above translation is a summary of the Arabic version. The information contained in this translation is taken from the Arabic version, and the translation is summarized in order to avoid repeated phrases and an overabundance of details in terms of the neighborhood and street names.

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