Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily report from Latakia on Tuesday 15/05/2012-Part 1/2

Early morning saw heavy presence on Kasab barrier with two extra patrols and tight inspection in cars and for personal IDs through a computer device.
Other than that it was business as usual; a demo took place in Oweineh out of Baath School, and at 12:30 pm a protest lasted for 5 minutes only out of Hambo School due to heavy security.
In Qnainas rebels of the area gathered with those of the Complex in one demo that ended in Bustan al-Rihan; the independence flag as well as revolution posters were raised.
Later a demo for the girls of Nadeem Ismail School in Banat Complex called for the fall of the regime.
Rebels in Latakia place a duck with anti-regime words on it in the Shaikh Daher Square’ pool as a funny reference to Assad; security startled and an officer ordered two soldiers to get into the pool and claim the duck.
Last night in Tizini area in Slaybeh an undercover security member claimed to have found a bomb in a trash can while working; this called for security to come and dismantle it, and as usual blame the “armed gangs” for it!
Heavy security with arms was noticed on Skantoori barrier, and a vicious arrest campaign was launched by security in Iskan Street.
In return Khalid Tolba was released after 40 days in prison, and Muhammad al-Aak from Owieneh was released this noon. Also yesterday Ali Abu-Rekab got released after one day in prison while his brother Muhammad remained in detention.

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